1. Where is the conference?
    The event will be held at the Ernst & Young Centre which was previously known as the CE Center. This center is close to the Ottawa airport on 4899 Uplands drive.
  2. How long is the event?
    The I.LEAD conference begins at 9:00am and runs until 10:00pm.
  3. Is this conference only for the youth?
    The conference is for the entire family. All are invited and welcome to attend to discuss youth and family issues that affect our Muslim community in Ottawa and Canadian Society.

  4. How much is parking?
    Parking: $8.00 flat rate for all day, with multiple entries permitted
  5. Are there separate seating areas for men and women?
    Yes, there will be separate seating sections for men and women.

  6. Where and when will we pray salah?
    Prayer facilities will be on site for Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib & Isha salah. The schedule for prayer timings will be distributed at the event.

  7. Will halal food be available?
    A variety of halal ethnic food prepared by Muslim cooks will be exclusively sold onsite. There will be several food stations selling coffee, tea, cookies, pop and water throughout the duration of the conference.
  8. How long will the bazaar be open?
    The bazaar will be open all day, and will include clothing and local businesses.

  9. Can I have a booth at the bazaar?
    Yes, please click on the bazaar registration link to submit your request for a booth reservation or email sales@ileadottawa.ca

  10. How do I volunteer to be a part of the event?
    Volunteers please sign up HERE